You’re Looking Good

Investing in the look of your brand is a must. The way your business presents itself plays a key role in how you’re received by your target audience. An overall aesthetic that’s sharp, eye catching, modern, and memorable will help promote your brand and ensure your business is top of mind when it needs to be. The right look can be difficult to achieve and covers a lot of ground. Bad design and a lack of brand cohesion muddies your message. We make sure every color palette, font, shape, symbol, graphic, chart, landing page, and video tells the story of your brand in a captivating and clear way. From the big picture to the minute details, we make sure your marketing design is impressive. CIM Marketing Partners has a stellar in-house design team and has delivered slam dunk after slam dunk for our clients. With years of experience in every facet of brand design, our team’s creativity will help set your brand apart. We commit to fully crafting your style and aesthetic. Here’s what CIM Marketing Partners can do for you…



Your logo is a visual representation of your brand. A clean, sharp logo will set you apart, help tell your brand’s story, and become ingrained in the minds of your intended audience. Your brand’s logo should be unique and play well with all media. It should make a statement and let your audience know about your business. Think about the Nike Swoosh. It’s memorable, it creates interest, and it has become synonymous with the brand and the company name.

A great logo is versatile; it should look just as sharp on your business card as it does on a highway billboard.

CIM Marketing Partners knows how critical a well-done logo is. We have put together a collaborative creative process to achieve your design objectives. Our team delivers logos in a variety of files with a variety of backgrounds, ensuring your logo will pop against the background of your website just as well as it does on your company swag items. We can also advise the best designs for smaller items, ensuring that your logo and contact info, if appropriate, are easy to read and at the ready when a potential client goes looking.


Collateral Design

Whether you’re handing out business cards at a networking event, directing a client to your website, or emailing a prospect your business brochure, we’ll make sure your marketing collateral stands out. What exactly does collateral material design include? Business cards, white papers, websites, exhibition displays, handouts, invitations, print advertising, event sheets, presentation slides, brochures, portfolios, letterhead, envelopes, and any other media your business utilizes to promote the brand. It can be tangible, and people still like to put their hands on something. Often, it represents your business’ opportunity at a first impression that will resonate. It reminds your clients who you are and why they chose you or why they SHOULD choose you.

CIM Marketing Partners knows creative collateral brand design and strategy can have a heavy impact on your marketing goals. We’ll make sure your collateral design elements make a splash. Companies who attempt to forge ahead with their own design run the risk of using images that are protected by copyright. Alternatively, they end up with generic, clip art-heavy presentations or handouts that fail to differentiate them from the pack. Let us create material that WOWS.


Social Media Flair

While written content is incredibly important for your social media marketing strategy, CIM Marketing Partners also believes the visual elements are equally as critical. A link to a well-written blog post may go unclicked if the accompanying visual graphic is uninteresting. An article may go ignored, where a video may capture the intended audience. A crisp and original animated graphic may stop the scrolling thumb in its tracks. An informative data visualization or infographic may provide jaw-dropping statistics in an easy-to-digest visual format. The visual assets on social media help catch your audience’s attention. Draw them in with the design and then hook them with your exceptional written content!

Because CIM Marketing Partners offers both visual design and content generation services, we’ll ensure your written message lines up well with your visual message, to ensure everything is clear and concise. Regardless of your respective vertical, social media graphics and photos can accomplish your objectives. Whether you want to close the deal on a social media platform or funnel your prospects to your website, the visual design elements can be wildly effective bait. CIM Marketing Partners knows how to step up your social media design game so every platform works for your brand.


Website Design

Your business’s website must be well-designed, easy to navigate, and informative. It’s often one of the first stops a prospective client makes on their journey across your brand. You want it clean, modern, and visually appealing, and you want the design elements to guide a prospect’s mouse to a clear and precise call to action. CIM Marketing Partners can help you check all the web design boxes. Learn more about our website development services.


Brand Style Guide

How do we ensure your visual design is cohesive? We develop a brand style guide (sometimes called a style sheet). This is your brand’s playbook. Every visual element you use will follow the rules and regulations laid out in the style guide. Consistency and cohesion count big time when it comes to your brand. Your unique style guide will make design decisions easy. What background color should we use? The style guide has already laid out your options. Brand guidelines serve as the primary point of reference for the look-and-feel of your brand.

CIM Marketing Partners will help you develop this incredible critical reference. We’ll start with your mission statement. That’s right. Your company’s mission statement is the soul and direction of your company in words. That means it should drive everything else. Next, our team will help you think about your company’s primary objectives for growth. To whom are you providing services? Once we’ve got our arms around those elements, we move on to the critical design essentials. Selecting your brand’s color palette may seem a bit…fluffy, but it’s hugely important. It will guide every visual design choice from the obvious logo to the font choice of your print ads or billboards. CIM Marketing Partners will provide your company with a comprehensive brand style guide that will ensure a cohesive and attention-grabbing design scheme.

View some of our work on our portfolio page.