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Our team meshes with your team to streamline a comprehensive marketing/public relations approach. Clients allow our strengths to augment their own in-house abilities and fill the gap, where needed, as their outsourced marketing department.

CIM Marketing Partners brings together the most experienced professionals and resources to serve each client’s unique needs. Clients benefit from the diverse expertise of team members with decades of cumulative experience. All work together to provide right-fit solutions for results-driven strategic marketing programs.

Meet The Team


As founder and CEO, Darcy has led the firm for more than two decades. First and foremost, Darcy thrives on creating successes for our clients—making measurable differences in their bottom lines. She loves the energy created by working with a number of clients in all kinds of industries, from law firms and financial companies, to a fitness club and an international vehicle production company. Darcy earned her business degree from University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and has a distinctive record of community involvement and service, most notably when she was declared UNLV Lee Business School’s 2013 Alumna of the Year.


DON PURSELL | Principal

As one of the firm’s principals, Don has seen and done just about every role involving client accounts. Most days, he can be found writing content for client projects, drafting proposals for prospective clients, creating account strategies and proofreading everything that moves. He is passionate about applying tried and true principles of strategic marketing that work no matter the industry or circumstance. Don earned his MBA in strategic marketing from Old Dominion University and undergraduate degrees in international business and French.



Darren is a longtime principal with the firm, and after years of successfully filling nearly all the roles at the agency, he now spends most of his time on the digital side of the house. From conceiving and building websites, to planning and orchestrating strategies for building an effective online presence, Darren enjoys all things digital. He also serves as lead on certain accounts. He earned his business degree, with an emphasis in marketing, from University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


ADRIANA MENDOZA | Creative Director

Adriana, the firm’s creative director, is fueled with a never-ending supply of natural, genuine creative juices. Clients love the work she performs and the projects she brings to life. No matter the need—from a website to a special event invitation—Adriana works from within to transform any idea into reality. One of her hallmarks is having the ability to create and maintain brand consistency for our clients. Adriana’s natural talent was taken to an even higher level by attending Atemajac Valley University in Mexico.


APRIL KEMP | Integrated Communications & Social Media Manager

As the firm’s integrated communications and social media manager, April never met a social media platform she didn’t like! She brings passion and pizzazz to creating and implementing unique communications initiatives to reach our clients’ target audiences. In addition to some tried and true methods, April goes beyond to perform this outreach in ways clients haven’t thought of before, all while maintaining the message and brand. April earned her degree in communication with an emphasis on corporate communications from Elon University.


NAVÉ MARQUEZ | Project Manager

While Navé has the job title of project manager, she is so much more than that to the CIM team. In her role, Navé contributes to projects for virtually every client we serve, in addition to directly managing certain accounts. She is passionate about working with a team to exceed clients’ goals, and contributing to that overall success further energizes her to continually learn and grow. Clients know and trust Navé as one who will bring suggestions and solutions to the table. Navé earned her office administration degree from Amarillo College and her business management degree from University of Phoenix.


KAYLA WILSON | Digital Marketing Specialist

As the firm’s digital marketing specialist, Kayla manages all facets of digital media campaigns for a number of clients. From strategizing right-fit campaigns to handling their ongoing implementation, she is truly a master of the intricacies of her digital domain, one that evolves and grows daily. Clients appreciate Kayla’s ability to effectively communicate chosen strategies and explain each campaign’s purpose and resulting statistics. A native Las Vegan, Kayla earned a degree in business management from Azusa Pacific University and an MBA from Trident University. With that solid base, combined with her Google AdWords and SEMrush PPC Specialist certifications, she is passionate about and capable of delivering results based on clients’ brands and business goals.


MELISSA BUCHHOLZ | Communications & Graphic Design Specialist

As the firm's communications and graphic design specialist, Melissa loves handling a variety of client projects. With a love for statistics and a creative mind, Melissa excels as both a left and right brain marketer: equipped with analytic and artistic traits. After conceiving and outlining projects, Melissa dives in to create content and perform the graphic design aspects before scheduling and rolling projects out across social media platforms. Melissa loves handling the details so projects move smoothly and targets are hit, which is consistent with her passion for event coordination and planning! Melissa earned her degree in business marketing with a minor in graphic design from Azusa Pacific University.