DJs for PJs… PJs in Perpetuity

This week, I have something near and dear to my heart to share with you. Way back in 2003, when I was a part of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Las Vegas Class, I founded and launched DJs for PJs as our official Class project. It was the start of a nonprofit entity that went on to collect more than 100,000 new pairs of PJs for neglected and abused children. Those PJs were donated to dozens of charities in Southern Nevada.

Now for the exciting twist. We held a press conference last Friday to announce that we have stopped doing the annual, all-day collection events (where DJs would broadcast live from locations throughout the Valley), but we have been able to build up an endowment to support three charities (Child Haven, Safe Nest and St. Jude’s Ranch for Children). We will now provide each of them with a $1,500 check annually, in perpetuity, to purchase new pairs of PJs for the children they help. Donations are still needed, as they will help expand the endowment and let us support even more charities on an ongoing basis. Visit to donate.

To see a project go from concept to reality and ultimately make an impact on the lives of so many has been a blessing, and the whole CIM Marketing Partners team is so happy to have led the annual effort.

Perhaps you work with a nonprofit or run your own. If so, you’ll appreciate this brief video. If you’d like to learn more, I’d be happy to talk with you about this most meaningful experience.

Quote of the week:

Pajamas are good for the soul.

Rebecca Stead