Using Video Content for Marketing: 3 Key Questions to Ask

In today’s digital world, making video content is easier than ever, thanks to smartphones and good lighting. Even if you’re in your home office, you can create videos that look almost professional. This is a great opportunity for businesses to boost their online presence by using video content as a marketing tool.

But before you start recording, it’s important to talk about your marketing strategy. This helps to clarify why you’re making the video and what you hope to achieve. Like any marketing tool, you want to ensure that the video content you’re filming fits with your business goals and is a smart use of both your time and money.

Here are three important questions to consider before filming video content:

Are you trying to make your brand more visible, attract new hires or show off your expertise? Knowing the purpose of your video helps you decide what it should be about and how it should look.

Will you put it on social media, or will it be on your business’ website? This affects how you make the video. A video for social media might be simpler, while one for your website might need more professional help.

Every marketing video should encourage people to do something. Think about what action you want them to take, like contacting your business for more information. This helps shape what you say in the video.

How can CIM Marketing Partners help with your video content?

At CIM Marketing Partners, we have a team of creative experts who can help create an overall video content strategy and help you make great videos for your marketing. We’ll work closely with you to understand your goals and make sure your videos are an integral part of your overall marketing efforts. From coming up with topic ideas, talking points and scripts, to choosing where to share your video, we’re with you every step of the way.