STAR Power and How to Get It

Posted On July 14, 2020

Everyone knows that reviews are important for businesses, but a lot of people don’t realize just HOW important they are. Positive reviews can influence purchase decisions by allowing potential customers…

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The Power of Memorable Moments

Posted On June 16, 2020

It was quite a memorable moment when I finished reading a great book, The Power of Moments. What an impact can be made with some simple, implementable tips. Here’s a summary…

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Perception vs. Reality – What do your clients think?

Posted On June 9, 2020

So, you think you know your buyers, customers, or clients. But do you? Perhaps you and your company have done what you do for many years, and you’ve surely gotten a lot right to…

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Content

Posted On May 11, 2020

You already know how important it is to communicate with your target audiences: Clients, customers, and vendor partners need to know about your company, its offerings, your team, relevant industry…

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Now Rather than Later

Posted On April 14, 2020

  I hope this message reaches you in good spirits, with you, your family and colleagues doing well and staying healthy. Here’s a little scenario you might find familiar: As…

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The Reality of Now and Later

Posted On April 7, 2020

We at CIM Marketing Partners hope this message reaches you doing as well as you can in our current challenge. Please continue to do all you can to keep your…

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COVID-19 Business Update

Posted On March 18, 2020

To our valued clients and business partners, I wanted to take this opportunity to give you an update on how our firm is navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. While our nation…

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The Benefit of Company Culture

Posted On August 8, 2018

Company culture distinguishes the values, goals, and attitudes of the employees that make up a company. When individual and company-wide values align, workers feel more appreciated and valued for the…

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PPC vs. SEO: Head to Head

Posted On March 13, 2018

In today’s world, you have undoubtedly heard of SEO and PPC. The terms are unavoidable in our digitally, Internet-focused world. Everywhere you turn, there’s a new article detailing new SEO…

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The Tale of Two Marketing Committees

Posted On July 10, 2014

Committees. Depending on your experience with one, you may think they’re great, or maybe a total waste of time. In a nutshell, some get results, some don’t. Here’s the tale…

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