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What Makes CIM Unique
The Strategic Marketing Summit ®

What: It's the most powerful launch pad for helping our clients' businesses grow.

Why: You need to get out of your day-to-day operations to strategize your business' marketing path.

How: Simply call to schedule the event at our office or yours, and we'll prepare for a day that will transform your progress moving forward.

Client Cultivator

CIM Marketing Partners offers specialized training in the art of attracting and "cultivating" customers or clients.

The content of this training workshop applies to a wide range of industries including, but not limited to, professional services firms, retail shops, and other product-oriented businesses.

Diversified Marketing Portfolio

What is it? Diversified Marketing Portfolio (DMP) is the trademarked concept of "investing" your marketing budget across a range of initiatives to maximize your marketing budget.

How is it done? After consultation with the client, CIM Marketing Partners creates a Diversified Marketing Portfolio. Using a provided marketing budget, all strategic marketing options are considered for the marketing budget's one-year timetable.

Proven Results: Similar in nature to a diversified stock portfolio, client firms benefit from not allocating all of their valuable resources to one or only a few marketing tactics.

Services We Offer


Your true success begins with a strategy, one that is conceived and developed by our team working with yours to learn and understand your vision, business goals and needs. Once that foundation is clear, our team assists clients with managing all aspects of needed services to support the comprehensive strategy.


Graphic design plays a vital role in most every marketing and public relations project. From creating a new brand/logo or laying out a special event invitation, to designing an effective Facebook ad or client handout, our internal design department helps deliver successful projects, and results, for our clients.


An effective digital presence for your business is online presence, from online advertising and reputation management, to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content management.

Social / PR

Traditional public relations has been transformed with the ever-expanding digital world and social media. Our team can help you identify and capture the opportunities that make sense for your business. As importantly, we’ll explain what you should consider doing, and why. Then, we’ll help you succeed at doing it.

What Are People Saying?

"We started working with CIM Marketing Partners in 2001 when our Firm had 12 attorneys. Over the years, the CIM team has served as our complete outsourced marketing department. Since Day One, they have helped us create and implement marketing strategies to position the Firm for growth. Legal and strategic marketing excellence have converged to grow the Firm to over 40 attorneys, building one of the largest, most trusted law firms in Nevada, and CIM has been a driving force of that growth and success."

MARK A. HUTCHISON Founding Partner, Hutchison & Steffen Attorneys

"We've saved thousands of dollars in advertising and promotion dollars as a result of the Marketing Summit because we are finally doing things that really deliver a return on our investment."

BETH V. WALKER Principal, Wealth Consulting Group
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