Why Relationship Marketing?

Have you ever considered why your customers or clients stick around or keep coming back? It’s because you’ve invested energy and time in building a relationship with them – and the personal touches you’ve added to your marketing efforts along the way have resulted in a long-term relationship.

If you haven’t begun to develop a long-term relationship, now is the time to start. There is one key element that will help you, and that’s to provide extraordinary and personalized customer service.

Once you’ve secured a relationship with a client or customer, don’t stop marketing to them. Continue to work diligently to retain them day in and day out. Actively communicate with them, and do it often. And, there are many ways you may achieve this–use social media platforms to your advantage–and gifting is a memorable, personal touch. Gifting keeps you top-of-mind and can go a long way toward building a positive relationship. And, it’s sure to make them feel important!

If you think relationship marketing has no benefit, think again. It’s a win-win for everyone. Your customers have a reliable service provider and you have a loyal client or customer who will promote your business by word-of-mouth–now that’s priceless free advertising!

The concept behind relationship marketing is to create customer loyalty. A loyal customer is one likely to stay with you and your company, and refer others to your business. The reality is that it takes time to cultivate a relationship, take the time today. Remember, your company’s success is all about relationships, relationships, relationships!

So, how much have you invested in customer retention?