Only 58 Working Days Until Christmas!

We’re getting close to that time of year when many companies reach out to those who mean the most to them: Their clients, their referral sources, and their preferred vendor partners. For some, it means sending a holiday card (physical or e-card) and/or a holiday gift.

If you choose to send a gift,
here are some tips to keep in mind:

Choose a single gift or a collection of smaller items that are meaningful and useful.

You may want to create a theme and follow that, including on the card or in messaging that accompanies the gift.

Many companies create several levels of gifts (with corresponding costs), with perhaps the highest level going to your most significant clients or referral sources, a mid-range gift for moderate-size clients and something nice for others.

We do not recommend over segmenting into too many groups, as this becomes cumbersome and more difficult to orchestrate.

Presentation is important.

Whether hand-delivered or mailed, take time to wrap or package it so it makes a nice impression on the recipient.


Your firm logo may or may not have a place.

On sticky notes and low-end pens, sure, your logo is fine. Some of the nicest, longest-lasting and most used items I’ve received over the years do not have logos on them, but you can bet I remember who gave me those items (a leather padfolio or a business travel bag, for example).


In advertising, we try to stand out while avoiding the fray, instead showing up when there’s less competition for one’s attention.

After Thanksgiving, you may have noticed your company break room becomes filled with a number of incoming gifts, further blurred by your own extra busyness of the season. That’s why since I started my company in 1996, we’ve been sending holiday cards and gifts each November just before Thanksgiving.

A Note About Food Gifts and COVID

If you’ll be giving food items to a group or an entire office, make sure those items are individually wrapped – forego the whole cake this year, instead opt for individually wrapped or packaged serving sizes. It might increase cost a bit, but this will ensure your holiday treat will be enjoyed by the recipients.

We just entered October, so it’s time to make up your lists and gather your thoughts on how you’ll be touching those you care about and appreciate. If you need any assistance, please reach out.

Quote of the week:

The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.