All We Wanted for Christmas

December is traditionally the season of giving. Of course, that doesn’t literally mean a present in-hand. You can help a neighbor or friend in need, make a donation in time or money, or pay a surprise visit to someone near and dear.

In that spirit, I asked our CIM team what gift they received that had the most impact upon them…one they remember or appreciated most. For me, it was a little office desk my Father made for me when I was 7. It was absolutely the best gift ever, as I loved to play office when I was little, so when Santa left this for me, I was in heaven!

•———— ADRIANA ————•
Three Christmases ago, someone gave me the best gift I’ve ever received. My great grandmother’s recipe book dated 1894. It’s a true treasure for me, the writing, the food… it’s almost like knowing her in person.

•———— APRIL ————•
One year for Christmas, when I was around three or four, my parents bought me a monthly subscription to a children’s book club. Each month, I got a new box full of new books to read, which kickstarted my lifelong love of curling up with a good book.

•———— CLARINDA ————•
Last year’s (2019) Christmas present was the most memorable gift from my husband. After 4 years of moving to America, he surprised me with plane tickets to Canada so I can be with my family and friends during the holidays!

•———— DARREN ————•
Christmas of 1977 and the Atari 2600 gaming console. It was a total surprise (likened to a Christmas morning miracle) and put me on a path to being passionate about all things “technology.”

•———— DON ————•
At my 20th high school reunion, my 12th grade English teacher (a master writer and proofreader) approached me and said, “In my 30 years of teaching, I’ve never attended any of my past students’ reunions, but I came tonight to see you.” In that instant, I knew I had made a lasting impression on her, just as she had on me that senior year.

•———— KAYLA ————•
The most impactful gift I have received was from my grandparents who invested in savings bonds every Christmas from the year I was born. I now get to use this thoughtful gift towards the down payment of my home.

•———— KERRY ————•
The most memorable gift is one that I receive from my dad every year to this day in my stocking. It is a solid silver dollar Liberty coin. It’s so exciting to reach into the toe and find the coin in its plastic pouch perfectly shiny as if it has never been touched. I have over 40 of these coins, which gives away my age! My dad now sends a Liberty silver dollar to my son, as well, which is super special, so now we share that exciting moment each Christmas.

•———— MELISSA ————•
While I was studying marketing and graphic design in school, my parents gifted me a Wacom tablet. This impactful gift motivated me to stretch my abilities as I studied design and ignited my passion for hand lettering and calligraphy.

•———— NAVÉ ————•
The most memorable gift I received was the act of kindness. Christmas traditions often include gift-giving, baking cookies, choosing the perfect tree, and so on. But one year, lack of funds foiled our Christmas tradition; we weren’t receiving any gifts, not even a tree. With only a few days until Christmas, a friend stopped by and noticed we weren’t in the Christmas spirit; soon after his departure, he returned with a tree in tow, most likely the last tree at our local convenience store. Receiving and trimming our tree made that a Christmas to remember!

•———— RYAN ————•
My most memorable gift was waking up on Christmas morning, going downstairs to the living room, and seeing an intricate slot car racetrack setup. Weaving through the coffee table legs and around the tree. That feeling of excitement and joy as I raced my brother and dad will always stick with me.

•———— SHAYLA ————•
When I was eight years old I started playing basketball and on Christmas morning I woke up to a brand new pair of Michael Jordan basketball shoes. This was during the Chicago Bulls prime years when everyone wanted to, “Be Like Mike.” These shoes furthered my passion for sports and gave me the competitive drive I still carry with me today.

•———— SONNY ————•
My most memorable would be the birth of our oldest daughter on the 24th, 26 years ago.

•———— VICKI ————•
When I was a kid, my parents got me a Cabbage Patch Kid tricycle for Christmas. It was the most memorable gift I’ve ever received as a child. Every day I would ride around the neighborhood with my big wheels and feel so awesome inside!

Enjoy the rest of 2020 and I wish you a very memorable and blessed holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

Quote of the week:

May no gift be too small to give nor too simple to receive which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love.

L.O. Baird