The Strategy of Strategy

The day after Halloween, I opened my computer to find something staring me in the face: November 1, 2017. That was on my desktop as I started my day, and I said to myself, “I can’t believe it’s NOVEMBER, and soon it will be 2018!” As usual, that was followed by, “Where did the year go?!?”

I think the lesson here is that time goes on, and time goes by quickly. Regarding the marketing of a business, whether services or products or both, you have three choices:

  • Do nothing and let your business thrive or languish, as it will.
  • Wait until marketing “opportunities” show up in your email inbox or a sales representative calls you.
  • Approach the marketing of your business by developing and implementing a solid marketing strategy.

Don’t let the end of 2018 come with you asking yourself, “What did we do to proactively market our company this year?” Now is the time to take the time to work through some standard questions and begin to develop your strategy for 2018 marketing:

  • What are my business goals for 2018?
  • How has the competitive landscape changed (or how might it change in 2018), and what do I need to do to adjust?
  • What marketing initiatives deserve my attention (and budget) in 2018?
  • Am I stuck in traditional marketing avenues, or am I capitalizing on many of the new marketing opportunities that are truly changing the landscape (think digital/online/social media)?
  • What does my marketing budget need to be for 2018?
  • What am I able to accomplish on my own versus what do I need professional assistance with implementing?

We suggest you work through this “reflection and review” as a starting point to nail down a true strategic approach for 2018. If you need help, ask for it! Working with a team like CIM Marketing Partners can put you on a more solid path to growth and prosperity, while at the same time freeing YOU up to focus on what YOU do best (like operationalizing your company’s products and services, providing superior client services, etc.). Early Happy 2018!