The Power of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising, including billboards, vehicle wraps, bus shelter ads and more, have been effective for decades. They are UP and ON 24 hours a day. You can’t miss them even if you want. No daylight? No problem, everywhere you go you can see the digital versions at night illuminating our city. In our digital world, you can virtually block any unwanted content like ads, but billboards can’t be avoided or turned off with a non-ad button, so you are seeing them even when you are not looking for them. While driving, walking or riding, you are generally aware of your surroundings. The Arbitration National In-Car Study found that 71% of drivers look at billboards. These viewers often make product purchases or service decision after work, and a message glanced as they drive home can be a wonderful marketing tool to gain awareness and potential clients.

Outdoor advertising is
powerful when done right.

An effective campaign depends on…

  • The strategy behind your goals
  • Having a clear idea on what your market demographics are
  • A well done, simple, but powerful design
  • The placement of your ad

Keep it simple, keep it safe.

Drivers are focused on the road, so your message MUST be simple and attractive. The seven words or less rule is proven effective. When the message is supported with an image or simple to digest graphic, a non-complicated URL or an easy to remember phone number, you’ll have an attention-grabbing, quick read for viewers.

If you build it, they will come…

People tend to travel the same roads every day, so they’re likely to see your stationary ad multiple times, or impressions. Your brand or product will become ingrained in their minds over time, even if they don’t need your offering at that time. You’re effectively building top of mind awareness.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, every dollar spent on outdoor advertising generates a $5.97 ROI. Outdoor advertising can provide a very cost effective means of building brand awareness and driving customers to your business.

Your marketing dollars are limited and should be invested with strategy and planning. Understanding your market and working with an experienced agency used to negotiating the best outdoor “buy” and a graphics team to design effective ads are important to maximize your overall budget.

What are your goals with outdoor advertising? Let us know, we can guide you.



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