Six CIMple Steps to Success

Have you ever wondered what would be the benefit of hiring CIM Marketing Partners to manage your company’s marketing, messaging and PR? We are proud to say it’s our Results-Driven Marketing Process™ that sets us apart! Each year, we repeat six brand building and value-based steps, which ensure that we understand our clients’ companies and the industries in which they operate, and that their marketing goals make sense. The process not only takes ideas from theory to implementation, it also ensures that action items and tactics make sense for your business today and are feasible and necessary for your business future.


Strategic Marketing Summit® – At the beginning of our client relationship, we like to sit for an in-depth and informative meeting to glean information about the state of a company and industry, and understand the path that CIM should take to position a company toward the next plane of marketing success.

The Marketing Gameplan™ – After the Strategic Marketing Summit®, CIM considers the information and creates a recap and gameplan document that describes the identified goals and labels solutions and marketing tools to address each goal. For example, a goal     of increased media coverage for a specific practice area will usually contain solutions including a targeted ad campaign, bylined and quoted articles on the specific area, pointed social media messaging, and other tactics to put a company’s message in front of everyone who would be the most interested.

The Diversified Marketing Portfolio® – After we have a gameplan designed and agreed upon, CIM will research and create the Diversified Marketing Portfolio®, which serves as a blueprint for the entire year. It maps out the entire marketing budget, and includes a month by month schedule of any advertising, events, mailings, sponsorships, etc., that may come up during the year. This way, we have a detailed map throughout the year for easy implementation and targeted advertising based on issue topics and company announcements.

DMP® Implementation and Management – The DMP® remains an ongoing tool throughout the year, and the DMP® is reviewed at all periodic meetings.

The Client Service Maximizer™ – One-on-one training is an important part of the CIM success plan. As much as we believe in our clients, we believe that each member of the team should believe in their company, as well. We work with each member of the company to identify ways for them to market themselves and the company, using such things as social media (specifically LinkedIn), networking, professional memberships, board positions, etc. These action steps are organized, ranked in order of importance and completed with due dates by using The Client Cultivator®, our tool to track progress and assign accountability.

The Annual Strategic Marketing Summit® – Over the years, we have found that the continued used of these steps has resulted in unparalleled success for our clients. That’s why we encourage each client to participate in a yearly Strategic Marketing Summit® to evaluate what worked in the past, determine their present market standing and plan effective and meaningful action steps for the future.

So what makes us different? Our commitment to creating a strategy that works for your company, your industry, your business and your marketing goals. We are so committed to our process that CIM owner, Darcy Neighbors, and Principal, Don Pursell, wrote a book about it, Marketing Fusion: 7 Elements to Ignite Your Growth.