Google Launches Domain Name Registration Services

In late June, Google announced that it would begin providing domain name registration services.  This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it will impact the big players like GoDaddy, Network Solutions and 1&1, to name a few. How so?

    1. Private registration will be included with the domain name registration fee. Big players currently charge extra for this feature.
    2. Google will provide branded email services with their registration fee ([email protected]). Some of the big players include email with their packages, but many use email service as an “add on” and charge for it.
    3. Google has developed relationships with several web-based, drag and drop website building engines that plug in to their domain services. [Note: Just because this tool is available doesn’t mean everyone should be developing their business website. Believe it or not, there is significant thought and expertise put into successful websites.]

You can read more about the features of Google Domains by visiting

Google Domains is currently in beta (by invite only) and not being made available to the masses just yet. Stay tuned; I am sure this will create a buzz in the online community very soon.