Estate Planning by The Books


A boutique estate planning firm wrote a series of estate planning books, only available on the firm’s website. The firm wanted to spread knowledge about estate planning, asset protection, and probate to its audience, while letting those who weren’t aware of the firm’s services and abilities know that the firm was capable of handling their estate planning needs.

Strategic Plan

CIM Marketing Partners saw this challenge from multiple perspectives. First, we needed to increase awareness of the firm, its services, and its books to the firm’s target audience. Once target audiences were aware of the firm, we needed to drive interested traffic to the website where they could download the books. Finally, we needed to find a way to make the spread of the books mutually beneficlal for both the firm and the reader.


To reach a large, but targeted audience, we turned to social media. Advertising on Meta allows us to display ads on Facebook and Instagram, two of the largest and most widely used social media platforms in the world. The platform also boasts robust targeting options (gender, age, family situation, etc.), so we were able to identify our target audience on the platform; this allows us to deliver the ads to the exact audience who would be most interested in the firm’s services. This helps to execute part one of the strategy, increasing brand awareness. With a moderate budget (roughly $250 per book per month), we’ve been able to reach tens of thousands of right-fit people within the chosen geographical parameters.

The ads were created with eye-catching images displaying the book covers and information about the content. Most importantly, each ad was outfitted with a clear call to action to download the books now. These calls to action were created as clickable buttons on the ads, so after reading a bit about the content, people could immediately click the button and download the book from the website.

In order to make the campaign mutually beneficial, we needed to identify the WIIFM (What’s in it for me) factors for each party – the firm and their target audience. For the target audience, they had the opportunity to download a free, detailed resource about a topic they had a direct interest in. For the firm, we saw this as an opportunity to grow their database. In order to download the book, we added a contact form as a step before the book downloads; in order to download the book, a person would need to provide their name and email address, which feeds directly into the firm’s CRM database. The firm can then use that information to keep in contact with the person who downloaded the book, helping the firm to remain top of mind when the person is ready to take advantage of the firm’s services.


Since the start of the social media book downloads campaign, our client’s books have been downloaded thousands of times, adding a substantial number of email addresses to the firm’s database. These database additions have led to further conversations with interested parties, leading to new clients coming to the firm.