Event Registration Revolution


Our client, seeking a cost-effective solution for managing event registrations, wanted to move away from the fees associated with third-party platforms like Eventbrite. They desired an “off-the-shelf” solution that integrated seamlessly with their website and payment gateway.


Through collaborative discussions with the client, we identified the strengths and weaknesses of their existing event management platform. By understanding their likes and dislikes, we were able to create a comprehensive “wishlist” of essential features they were looking for in a new system. Leveraging this information, we conducted thorough research on various “off-the-shelf” solutions to find the perfect fit. After careful consideration, we recommended investing in EventEspresso Premium, a platform that addressed the client’s needs and offered exceptional value.


We acquired the necessary license and installed the selected plugin on the client’s website. The solution was configured to manage registrations for their upcoming multi-day leadership summit and university events. We integrated it with their preferred payment gateway, enabling secure credit card transactions and automatic daily fund transfers to the client's bank account. Finally, we established automated email notifications for registrants, attendees, payments and event administrators to streamline communication throughout the registration and management process.


We successfully addressed the client's concerns regarding data ownership and event management costs. By implementing a custom solution, we not only ensured the client’s complete control over their event registration data, eliminating dependence on a third-party platform, but also significantly reduced their expenses. They no longer incur Eventbrite's event management and payment processing fees. Instead, their recurring expenses are limited to a nominal annual license fee for the chosen event management plugin and the standard credit card processing fee charged by their preferred payment gateway. This translates to substantial cost savings and greater financial autonomy for the client, effectively solving their initial problem.