CPA: Continued Presence Assurance


A large CPA firm was referred to us to assist with repositioning the firm in the marketplace. The firm was founded by three partners more than 30 years earlier, and over the upcoming three years, one partner planned to retire each year. The firm was successful with no business issues. The goal was to keep it “a going concern,” particularly for the non-founding partners who were dedicated to continuing its legacy. There was some internal fear that with the founding partners leaving, would it cause upheaval within the client base.


We met with the team and evaluated the existing brand, not just the logo, but the brand perception and presence. We developed a comprehensive plan to effectively transition the brand and pass the torch to the next generation.


We developed a fresh, modern logo that consisted of the initials of the founding partners and an appropriate tagline. Think KFC versus Kentucky Fried Chicken. This was rolled out in a mailed and emailed announcement to the firm’s database with carefully crafted verbiage explaining how the team at the firm was excited to celebrate its past and launch its next chapter with many of the same team members clients had been used to working with. We planned an open house event with hundreds of clients and referral sources to celebrate the new brand and reassure attendees.

In addition, we sought to shore up marketing efforts to ensure a continued new business pipeline. The firm had largely grown due to referrals and the solid reputation of the team. We created ongoing touchpoints, including newsletters (printed and emailed), new sales collateral, a referral thank you program and advertising campaigns to expand top-of-mind awareness. We also met with each partner to develop business development plans, getting them involved in community organizations (boards, volunteering, etc.), allowing each to expand their efforts as brand ambassadors. The website was overhauled and rebranded with content and graphic elements.


After the rebranding was completed, the firm was extremely happy with their updated presence. Business remained strong, and new clients came in from more directions due to the expanded marketing efforts. The client had avoided a possible catastrophic downfall, had the client base not been carefully guided through the transition to maintain confidence in the firm.