Converting Clicks to New Hires


A construction firm was experiencing significant growth in the market and needed to hire additional employees to help with the influx of projects and bid requests. CIM recommended launching a PPC Google Search campaign to meet potential workers actively searching for jobs online.


CIM Marketing Partners first conducted keyword research for the Las Vegas DMA (Designated Market Area) that would provide insight into how expensive the keywords would be to target people searching for construction jobs on Google. As Certified Google Partners, we were able to analyze the keyword data and create a strategy to show the client the projected traffic as well as the recommended monthly budget for the campaign. We also recommended launching a new Employee recruitment landing page with a unique UTM (Urchin Tracking Module – a snippet of text added to the end of a URL to track the metrics and performance) code to track the traffic for the campaign and in turn, prove greater ROI (Return on Investment) for the campaign.


As we all know, Google is King. It is the most widely used search platform that allows businesses to bid on keywords to show ads in Google search results. When using Google Ads, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad to visit your site or call your business and therefore, these campaigns provide warmer leads. We created the recruiting PPC campaign with creative keywords and clear descriptions catered specifically to people searching for construction jobs in the market. The campaign targeted the Las Vegas DMA and people aged 21 and older. We launched and monitored the campaign closely to ensure the keyword bids were competitive with the competitors and that the ads were performing well. We also closely monitored the search terms report to filter negative keywords out.


Since the start of the employee recruitment Google Search PPC campaign, our client has received thousands of clicks to their recruitment landing page and hundreds of job leads from the application link. Overall, this has led to dozens of new hires. Their team has been able to successfully grow to meet the increased demand of projects