Bunker’s Logo Refresh


A local funeral home was looking to refresh their logo for their 80th anniversary. The objective was to craft a logo that harmonizes softness with modernity. Funerals are inherently emotional events, and a gentle touch in the design communicates empathy and compassion. Simultaneously, a contemporary aesthetic signifies a progressive business in tune with current needs and preferences. This dual approach aims to reassure families, enabling them to focus on honoring their loved ones.



The new logo leverages familiar elements from the previous design while introducing a fresh, modern feel. By reimagining traditional lawn and tree imagery into a stylized letter “B”, we achieved two key objectives.

    • Firstly, it maintains continuity and heritage for existing clients.
    • Secondly, the sleek lines of the letter 'B' and accompanying swoosh convey a forward-thinking ethos, appealing to new clientele with contemporary tastes.

Our goal with this strategic plan was to design a logo that respects tradition while embracing innovation, reflecting the evolving needs of the community.


The execution process for the logo redesign involved these steps:

1. Understanding the Client's Needs:

Our team discussed the client's vision for the new logo, their target audience and the message they wanted to convey. In this case, the client desired a balance between tradition (represented by the lawn and tree) and a modern aesthetic.

2. Conceptualization and Design Iteration:

We sketched out various logo ideas, starting with variations of the lawn and tree theme. The idea of incorporating the elements into the letter "B" emerged during this phase. We presented these initial concepts to the client and got their feedback, refining the design based on their input.

3. Finalization and Presentation:

Once a final logo design was approved, we created different variations suitable for various uses (print, web, etc.). We then presented the final logo to the client, ensuring they were satisfied with the execution of our strategic plan.


By seamlessly merging traditional elements with modern design, the logo subtly bridged the gap for new and existing clients. Meanwhile, the incorporation of clean lines and a swoosh provided a fresh appeal that resonates with contemporary sensibilities, resulting in a cohesive logo that is both timeless and progressive.