Meet Our Team

Owner | CEO

Darcy thrives on creating successes for our clients—making measurable differences…


Darren is a longtime principal with the firm, and after years of successfully filling nearly all the roles at the agency, he now spends most of his time…

Don Pursell

As one of the firm’s principals, Don has seen and done just about every role involving client accounts.

Creative Director

Adriana, the firm’s creative director, is fueled with a never-ending supply of natural, genuine creative juices.

Project Manager

While Navé has the job title of project manager, she is so much more than that to the CIM team.

Communication and Social Media Manager

As the firm’s integrated communications and social media manager, April never met a social media platform she didn’t like!

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Account Manager

Female Avatar

Bio coming soon.

Digital Marketing Specialist

As the firm’s digital marketing specialist, Kayla manages all facets of digital media campaigns for a number of clients.

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer at the firm, Matt enjoys working on a full range of projects for our clients.


Our Strategy

We believe in our clients' goals and strive to make them a reality. CIM Marketing Partners will provide you with the strategy, tactics and implementation plan that will allow your company to thrive. We back what we say by employing experienced, top-notch talent, and offer a kaleidoscope of services designed to grow any business.

Our Passion

Since 1996, Founder and CEO Darcy K. Neighbors has been raising the bar in every area of the strategic marketing business, year after year. The CIM Marketing Partners team is serious about their work and is determined to meet and exceed the expectations of each client and every project they manage.

Your Success

High expectations are the key to success. The team at CIM Marketing Partners takes the time to understand your business. We listen to your vision and goals and develop a strategic plan for your business to achieve results and obtain the greatest return on your marketing investment.


Marketing is much more than advertising or sales – those are just two of the many marketing components. When planning the strategic marketing path for any given client, each individual component may or may not be appropriate. Those items that "make the cut" are implemented in partnership with that client.

Here Are Our Services
Social / PR

Yesteryear, primary public relations efforts focused largely on news releases and working with the media to create promotional opportunities for our clients, along with special events. What a difference social media has made! The digital world has expanded how we work with the media and it has expanded the audiences/customers/clients that our clients are able… Read More


Digital Vision The digital vision for each client is to provide a place to build, discover and grow their business online. Our aim is to organize ideas and deliver innovative technologies and services that have value for your customers/clients and work together to drive revenue. It is truly a full-time job to keep up with… Read More


Creative designs do more than catch the eye. They capture attention. They help create a call to action. Design elements do more speaking that could words alone. Our design team brings decades of experience in conceiving and creating every type of project imaginable. Our artists are passionate about their work, and it shows in so… Read More


New clients often initially reach out to us with a specific project in mind: “We need a newsletter,” for example. Sure, we can help them with a newsletter. But we prefer to have an initial deeper conversation to find out why they think they need a newsletter. It may turn out they do indeed need… Read More